AI - Machine And Deep Learning With Python


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Basics - Advance

Course Duration

60 Hours


AI, The Future!

Successful People with foresight are very scared of AI. Bill Gates, Elon Musk and even Stephen Hawking have warned about it. They know it will impact all jobs in a huge way - like an earthquake. They are not learning AI because they love it, but to be safe when AI takes over, which will be very soon. 


Beat the Competition!

The software developers that India produces in a year runs into millions, so it judicious and sensical to learn new things and shift to technologies that are up and comer. New technologies come bearing gifts of their own and the benefit of learning something new will also have an added feature of high salary. Since software business, like any other business, follow "Demand, Supply" principle, your chances of earning will rise up many folds. The math is simple, the technology is new and very high in demand but the supply of programmers is scarce hence shooting up the salaries. So take the bypass highway and beat the traffic.



Hands on Teaching will make you able to create Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models. 


Course Outcome:

We are going to introduce Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, you are going to create models for websites and apps, the model will be used by App and Web Developers. 


We will use Scikit Learn, Tensorflow and Keras to make you a good ML and DL expert.

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Module 1

Brief Introduction with Python

Python: Setting Environment 

Python Basics

OOPs using Python


Module 2





Module 3

Understanding Machine learning

Understanding real life problems which can be solve by data

Understanding Machine Learning Algorithms

Introduction to Supervised and Unsupervised Learning


Module 4

Introduction to Scikit Learn

Classification and regression problem solution with SciPy

Iris Dataset and Boston Housing Dataset

Creating custom classifier.

Introduction to clustering


Module 5

Tensorflow Basics

Introduction to Deep learning

Introduction to different types of Neural Networks


Module 6

Introduction to Keras - High Level DL Library on top of TF

Introduction to different types of Models

Mnist Dataset problem


Module 7

Image processing with OpenCv 

Image classifier with Keras

Creating custom datasets

Saving Datasets using Pickle

Saving of the model to use everywhere 

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Team Sodiarc

A Group Of Talented Experts Will Teach You With Segmentation Of Concepts.

Course Features

  • Mode Offline
  • Lectures 20
  • Duration 60H
  • Students 10
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Programming basics
  • Category Winter Training

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