Full Stack Web Development With MERN


Som Sankar Naskar


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Basics - Advance

Course Duration

120 Hours


Old  programmers, change your technology now! - MERN stack is the new King of the Web World, offering huge advantages over the LAMP stack in several areas, for certain types of real-time applications using the fantastic four combination of MongoDB, Express js,  React js and Node.js. It is Open source as well! 

This is a cutting edge new technology, uses the established JavaScript all through, is Fast, easy to Learn (with Good Teachers only, though!) and the best - offers GREAT salaries. 

Our course is designed for both experienced web developers and freshers. 

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Module 1: JSX

JSX introduction

Why JSX?

How to create view classes using JSX

How to generating views without using JSX  

Pre-compilation of JSX  

How to utilising JSX in the server


Module 2: Models

Immutability benefits  

Utilising Immutable.js


Module 3: Components

Life-Cycle : Component  

About Virtual DOM  

Events : Component  

How to using States and Properties  

How to Initialising States from properties  

Using refs : Accessing DOM nodes  

About Synthetic Events  

Compositions : Component  

About Communication Between Components  

About Reusable Components


Module 4: Forms

Module 5: Mongo DB

No SQL Database


Module 6: Express JS

Module 7: CRUD Operation

Module 8: Node JS

Module 9: Mini Project

Module 10: Introducing Redux Architecture 

Module 11: E-commerce Website

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Som Sankar Naskar

A Young Entrepreneur, CEO Of Sodiarc Technologies Pvt. Ltd With More Than 6 Years Of Experience In Teaching As Well As Software Development. He Started His Carrer At The Age Of 15. Now, He Is Working On Most Latest Technologies. He Has A Free Initiative For Students Who Is Struggling To Learn Programming. He Can Make Every Complex Topic Easy And Digestive For You.

Course Features

  • Mode Offline
  • Lectures 40
  • Duration 120H
  • Students 10
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Programming Basics
  • Category Full Course

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