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Full Stack Web Development With MERN

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Som Sankar Naskar


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Basics - Advance

Course Duration

72 Hours


We are starting our first Sunday's only batch from 31st March, 2019. 


Duration - 6 Hours, every Sunday. Total 10-12 classes, if required we will increase no of classes.


Old  programmers, change your technology now! - MERN stack is the new King of the Web app development, offering huge advantages over the LAMP stack in several areas, for certain types of real-time applications using the fantastic four combination of MongoDB, Express js,  React js and Node js. It is Open source as well! 


You might have heard about MEAN stack, but that’s an old news. In the Silicon Valley and San Francisco, a new stack is emerging rapidly. It’s M.E.R.N. which is same as MongoDB, Express and Node.js but with React.js instead of Angular.js.

This is a cutting edge new technology, uses the established JavaScript all through, is Fast, easy to Learn (with Good Teachers only, though!) and the best - offers GREAT salaries. 

Our course is designed for both experienced developers and freshers. So, take your demo class now!

N.B We are providing Job Assistance for freshers.


Yunong Xiao, Principal Engineer, Netflix says, 
“We liked performance that Node.js offers. From a 40 minute + startup time they went to under a minute�

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Module 1

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. ES5 & ES6
  5. Networking with axios
  6. Async await instead of promises

Module 2

  1. React Js
  2. React Components
  3. React props system
  4. React State Management
  5. React Router
  6. Redux with React
  7. React Context API
  8. React Hooks

Module 3

  1. Node Js
  2. Express Js
  3. Nodemon
  4. Body Parser
  5. CORS

Module 4

  1. MongoDB
  2. Mongoose Js
  3. Express With Mongoose
  4. Passport Js

Module 5

  1. Client side development with all forms elements for crud
  2. Creating RestAPI for handling server side requirement of crud
  3. Authentication with passport with different strategies.
  4. Server side pagination and client side pagination

Module 6

  1. Increasing Interaction on React with non-react libraries
  2. Development of a complete blog

Module 7

  1. Creating complete e-commerce web app using the M.E.R.N stack

Module 8

  1. git
  2. Deploying app to Heroku


  1. Todo
  2. Blog
  3. Social Network
  4. Ecommerce

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Som Sankar Naskar

Founder and CEO of Sodiarc Technologies, Som Sankar Naskar is a Software development and Data science instructor. With several years of diligence he is the man behind Sodiarc Academy. Starting from the scratch at the age of 15 he scaled his business with great operational efficiencies, now an accomplished professional expertised in technology provides training to Professionals from top IT'S like TCS, CTS, Infosys etc, as well as students from various top universities like MAKAUT, IITs, VIT, OCAD University, Canada etc. A featured Machine learning instructor and app development at IIT Kanpur's Techkriti'20.

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Course Features

  • Mode Online & Offline
  • Lectures 24
  • Duration 72H
  • Students 10
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Programming Basics
  • Category Full Course

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