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Full Web Development With PHP7 And MySQLi

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Som Sankar Naskar


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Basics - Advance

Course Duration

120 Hours


The Job Guarantee Course!

The best and recommended course for the freshers, Learn from the experts having more than 6 years of experience on Web Development. PHP is the hot-dog of IT market in Kolkata. Kolkata has more than 300 PHP companies. 


Your career is the highest priority for us. You will get 100% job guarantee on stamp paper. 


Teaching is a science, We research on teaching so that we can teach you better. 


  1. We are using PHP7(Latest) to teach you.
  2. We are using MySQLi(Latest) to teach you.
  3. We have 3 projects in this course.

We are adding most recent things everyday in the course.

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Module 1


CSS3 -Inline, Internal & External.

XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP & MAMP - Installation & configuration.

Basic concept of Programming with PHP - Functions, Conditions, Loops, Arrays etc. 


SQL Queries

PHP with MySQL/MySQLi – Insert Update Delete (CRUD).

SESSIONS & COOKIES – Login & Logout.


Module 2

OOPS in PHP(Class & Object).




Pagination, Thumbnails 

CKEditor, LightBox,  Datatable, List.js  



SQL: Joining - Inner join, Outer join, Left join, Right join.


Paypal Integration

Module 3

Email & SMS Handling. 

PHP File Handling.

Doubt discussion.

Security in Websites.


Module 4





Module 5

RestFull APIs


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Som Sankar Naskar

A young entrepreneur, CEO of Sodiarc Technologies Pvt. Ltd with more than 6 years of experience in teaching as well as Software development. He started his carrer at the age of 15. Now, he is working on most latest technologies. He has a free initiative for students who is struggling to learn programming. He can make every complex topic easy and digestive for you.

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Course Features

  • Mode Online & Offline
  • Lectures 40
  • Duration 120H
  • Students 10
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Programming Basics
  • Category Full Course

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