Multi Purpose Programming With Python


Sourav Purkait


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Basics - Advance

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40 Hours



Programming is easy with Python. Learn the almost english programming language to boost your career.

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Module 1
A Proper Introduction of Python
Why Learning Python?
What are the drawbacks?
Who is using Python today?
Setting up the environment
Python 2 versus Python 3 – the great debate
Installing Python
Setting up the Python interpreter
Your friend, the console

Module 2
Beginning with Python: The Basics
How you can run a Python program
How is Python code organized
How do we use modules and packages
Python's execution model
Names and namespaces
Object and classes
Guidelines on how to write good code
The Python culture
Some note on the IDEs

Module 3
Built-in Data Types
How to choose data structures
About indexing and slicing
Command-Line Arguments
Introduction to File Manipulation
File Opening, Reading and Writing
Working with Files

Module 4
Iterating and Making Decisions
Conditional programming
Functions, the Building Blocks of Code
Built-in functions
Anonymous functions
Scopes and name resolution
Documenting your code

Module 5
Saving Time and Memory
using map, zip, and filter
The yield from expression
Generator expressions

Module 6
Advanced Concepts
Object-oriented programming
The simplest Python class
Class and object namespaces
Attribute shadowing
Operator overloading
The Python Threads and Multiprocessing Modules
The thread Module
The threading Module
Threads Internals
Kernel-Level Thread Managers
User-Level Thread Managers
REGEX(Regular Expressions) in Python
Network Programming with Python
Overview of Networks
Networks and MAC Addresses
The Internet and IP Addresses
Connectionless and Connection-Oriented Communication
Clients and Servers
Our Example Client/Server Pair
Analysis of the Server Programme
Analysis of the Client Programme

Module 7
Testing, Profiling, and Dealing with Exceptions
Testing your application
Test-driven development
First approach – scripting
The imports
Parsing arguments
The business logic
Second approach – a GUI application
The imports
The layout logic
The business logic

What's special here?
Introduction to Linux
Basic Functions and Operations of Linux
Automate your daily life with Python

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  • Mode Offline
  • Lectures 16
  • Duration 40H
  • Students 10
  • Certificate Yes
  • Skill Novice
  • Category Winter Training

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