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Problem 1: Freshers don't get jobs because companies want experience. How will you get experience without Jobs?
Problem 2: Students don't want to study engineering because there is no job. Companies are not getting good engineers.

Student's Benefit! We are making one great community for college students, where interested student can work on Opensource as well as paid projects to get experience in industry-level coding. If any student wants to join a company as an employee he/she can show our highly preferred experience certificate as he/she worked on Opensource, that means he/she is the best one to hire.

Sodiarc's Benefit! We need a great dedicated team to work on some projects to solve software developer's problem. Those projects will be open source(non paid) or commercial(paid) projcts. You are not going to get any payment from opensource projects, but going to get a huge experience, from commercial projects you will get paid.

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